Regional design considerations

By: shushou | 2 Apr 2012

My wife and I just returned from the Southeast.  Charleston, South Carolina, to be specific…hurricane country…hot…lot’s of bugs!  I found it very interesting how the design of the houses reflect the climate.  Here, in Bend, we tend to embrace the sun and warmth.  It is frequently cold here, so we design in lots of windows to the south to soak up as much sunlight as possible.  In Charleston, it is so hot that all the designs are geared for shading from the sun, and maximizing  the ventilation to keep it cool.  Large covered porches are on every house, usually screened to enjoy the breezes without being eaten by bugs.  This photo is taken of the house we stayed in on Sullivan’s Island.  It is one of the few houses that lived through Hurricane Hugo, which went right over the island in 1989.  You can see the screened-in, covered porch, which we lived on during the day.  You can also see the flooding considerations of this house when you see that the living area is raised up 10′.  Apparently, Hurricane Hugo had a 20′ tide surge with it, and the tallest point of Sullivan’s Island is about 10′.  It all makes sense.  Isn’t it fascinating how our structures adapt to our living environments?

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