Patience has Prevailed

By: shushou | 8 Apr 2014

I blogged a few installments ago about having patience with the design process.  I showed some illustrations of different designs for the same remodel project, and how it had taken four years to design.  Well, I am here to say that patience has prevailed!!  The house has been completed, and the design came out very successfully.

My clients were very energy conscious, making sure all the windows, doors, walls, floors, and ceilings were very well sealed, using the maximum insulation possible, and providing an in-floor radiant heat system, accompanied by a heat recovery system to keep fresh air in the house.  Their final installation was the PV panels, providing for a 10 kw system.  Needless to say, I am pretty pleased with the culmination of four years of work.

The design also featured passive solar considerations, including a concrete floor, which acts as a heat-sink for the sun, south facing windows, and strategic overhangs, calculated to allow the winter sun to penetrate into the house, yet block out the hot summer sun.  I think it is going to win some sustainable building awards!!  The moral of this little saga is to have patience, and perseverance.  The end result will be worth the effort.

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