Custom home designer=patience!

By: shushou | 12 Mar 2012

New clients frequently ask me, “How long will it take to complete the design?”  That is a little bit like asking ,”How long will winter last?”  My reply is usually that it depends on many factors.  If all goes well, it could take as little as a few months.   But then I add that I have had projects that have lasted years!  Obviously, no new client wants to hear that it could take years to design their house, but there are so many factors that are not in my control, that elapsed time has to be included as one of those factors.  Sometimes the client can’t make up his mind, and vacillates about minor revisions.  Others sometime just suddenly get too busy to respond in a timely fashion.  Some clients suddenly completely change their mind, and I almost have to start over.  One client actually took my design to cocktail parties, and had all his friends give feedback.  Every Monday morning I would receive a complete list of revisions from the week before!!

The illustrations here represent four different designs of the same remodel project.  In addition to these variations, this project was also the topic for a design class at OSU, which means that there were another six variations created for this project.  I think this one represents a record…about four years in the making!!  I have placed the illustrations in a chronological order so you can see how it has evolved.

The point is that in the custom-home design field, part of the designer’s job is to have patience and flexibility.  The common goal is to come up with a design that fits the client in the best way possible, and make sure that the client himself feels the same way.

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